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Our Top 5 Christmas Flowers & Foliage

flowerstand November 21, 2016 No Comments
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The Christmas season is fast approaching. Here are our top 5 Christmas flowers.

Rock Star Roses

With so many different varieties of Roses it was really hard to choose a favourite. We finally settled on Rock Star Roses, as the perfect Rose for Christmas. With large blooms and a deep orange/red colour, these Roses provide a depth and beauty that perfectly represents that warm Christmas feeling.



Nothing says Christmas quite like Holly. Whilst Holly itself is pretty to look at, the Holly bushes berries, referred to as Ilex, have become synonymous with Christmas. Not strictly speaking a flowers, these bright red berries provide bursts of colour against the deep green backdrop of a holly bush.


Hippeastrum, or Amaryllis bulbs as they are more commonly known are popular gifts at Christmas. Amaryllis are beautiful Christmas flowers that usually bloom a deep red colour. Bulbs should flower about six to eight weeks after planting, and should be planted from October to January.


Eucalyptus, whilst not technically a flower, has become synonymous with Christmas. Often used to make < ahref="/shop/pussy-willow-and-black-bauble-christmas-wreath">Christmas Wreaths and Garlands. A Eucalyptus wreath not only adds some festive cheer, it fills your home with its fresh, fragrant scent.

Eucalyptus is also used to provide contrasts of colour and scent within Christmas floral bouquets. Its muted green leaves contrast perfectly with the deep reds and oranges of Christmas themed flower heads.

Cherry Brandy Roses

In fact we couldn’t restrict ourselves to just one Rose variety! When we think of Christmas colours, we of course think of Reds and Greens. The deep orange hues of Cherry Brandy Roses provide a bit more warmth and colour in the cold weeks of Christmas.