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The holly and the ivy

flowerstand December 19, 2017 No Comments
holly and ivy

The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown. We all know this classic British Christmas carol. The song is thought to have Pagan origins and could therefore date back over a thousand years. However, the form we are familiar with today was first published in a broadside dated 1710. It wasn’t until 1861, that it really
became popular, appearing in a collection of carols edited by Joshua Sylvester. The Victorians subsequently took it to heart and it has been synonymous with Christmas ever since.

However, it is not just the carol that we now relate to Christmas. Holly and ivy were traditionally taken inside over winter as a form of good luck, in the hope that the occupants of the house would survive winter, just as this hardy foliage does. The dark greens and vibrant reds associated with the holly bush and ivy elude to the fact the festive season is upon us.

These festive colours and our love of creating innovative bouquets inspire us to create Christmas bouquets and wreaths each year. Utilising flowers and foliage of the season, we create luxurious bouquets of deep greens and reds.

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