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Pick the perfect wedding flowers

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Our specialist florists tips on creating the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding day…

Understated design

It’s very easy to be over zealous when it comes to your big day, many brides try and fit too many ideas into their design. Be careful not to add too much detail, as this can clutter a design. Minimalist design allows the little touches to flourish. Single flowers on mass add a true sense of opulence and luxury. Particularly large headed flowers, such as our Royal Ecuadorian Roses.

Avoid using flowers to distract

If you are unhappy with a feature of the church or reception area, do not use flowers to cover up this area. This only serves to draw attention to these areas. It is a wasted use for your beautiful floral arrangements, which are much better placed in the areas that really matter. Wedding guests will be drawn to the beauty of the places you’ve highlighted and will most likely not even notice the areas you dislike.

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Be open to new ideas

Putting in a bit of time researching pictures on the internet to find things you like pays dividends. Pinterest is a fabulous tool for gaining inspiration. Take these ideas to your florists and work with them to create something unique to you. Out expert florists are always happy to create bespoke floral arrangements to make your wedding day truly unique.

Take the season into account

Keep an open mind when it comes to using seasonal flowers in your design. As is true with fruit and veg, flowers of the season tend to be at their best. If there is a particular flower that you simply must have on your wedding day then it may be worth booking your wedding according to the season for that bloom. For instance, if Peonies are a must have, then May to July is the best time to book your wedding.

Consider the weather

Once you have booked your big day, it is also important to consider the weather and temperature at that time of year. Delicate flowers such as Hydrangeas or Lilacs wilt in the heat. So if your wedding is planned for July or August, it may be best to opt for more robust flowers, such as Roses or Tulips.