The story behind the Christmas wreath

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The Christmas wreath is a long standing tradition steeped in history. Many believe that wreaths were originally hung on doors in Ancient Rome at times of victory. However, the word ‘wreath’ is actually derived from an old English word meaning to twist. Read more

The 4 best summertime flowers

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dahlia flower head
Dahlia’s thrive in long summer days, requiring full sun to flower. Dahlia’s have beautiful, intricate flower heads and are available in a wide variety Read more

Celebrate International Women’s Day 2017

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International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements globally and advocates for a more inclusive, gender equal world. International Women’s Day has been observed in one form or another since Read more

Declare Your Love on St. Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is never too early to start thinking about what to buy for a loved one to treat them on this most romantic of days. 90% of those surveyed for a recent infographic stated Read more

Pick the perfect wedding flowers

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Our specialist florists tips on creating the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding day…

Understated design

It’s very easy to be over zealous when it comes to your big day, many brides try and fit too many ideas into their design. Read more

The Flower Stand – Our Story

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Thirty years ago, Adam Bolton took over a small flower stand outside ‘The Old Queen Elm’ pub in Fulham Rd, Chelsea.

The stand – which, back then was just a few buckets of traditional flowers Read more