The Christmas wreath is a long standing tradition steeped in history. Many believe that wreaths were originally hung on doors in Ancient Rome at times of victory. However, the word 'wreath' is actually derived from an old English word meaning to twist.
Getting married in the summer, here's our guide to the best seasonal flowers for summertime bridal bouquets and wedding centrepieces. Having a wedding during the warmest months of the year means there's an abundance of flowers
Zinnias are very easy to grow, growing quickly and blooming heavily. Similar to Dahlias they have a vibrant array of different coloured flower heads that will brighten up any garden, making fantastic cut flowers.
Dahlias have beautiful flower heads available in a huge array of colours and types. However, they do demand a good amount of time and attention. Dahlias originate from Mexico so it is no surprise that they love warmth with the flowers flourishing
There are some dates you never want to forget, yet always struggle to remember, Mother's Day is one of those days. So, if you are in the UK, USA or much of Europe, take note of when
This Valentine’s Day you will probably either send or receive a Valentine's gift, with flowers and chocolates proving the most popular presents to give. As with all of our celebrations, there is a story behind the day the dates back centuries. The roots of Valentine's Day dates back to Roman times. In the third century,
Getting married in the winter is becoming ever more popular. Brides may worry that there will be limited options when it comes to flowers that are available at this time of year. Far from it, there are many winter wedding flowers to choose from. Traditional flowers that are in season in the winter months are
The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown. We all know this classic British Christmas carol. The song is thought to have Pagan origins and could therefore date back over a thousand years. However, the form we are familiar with today was first published in a broadside dated 1710. It wasn't until 1861, that it really


dahlia flower head Dahlia's thrive in long summer days, requiring full sun to flower. Dahlia's have beautiful, intricate flower heads and are available in a wide variety
International Women's Day celebrates women's achievements globally and advocates for a more inclusive, gender equal world. International Women's Day has been observed in one form or another since

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